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Medical Support

The court can order either parent to provide and cover the costs of medical care and treatment for the child. Typically the non-custodial parent provides health insurance and medical care, along with a monthly support payment. Medical care is interpreted broadly, and can include tutoring, speech classes, or physical or occupational therapy. Dental and eye care are always part of the medical support provided to the child.

TIP: The parent who is providing health insurance must provide the other parent with all information relating to the policy, including the policy number, insurance and prescription cards, and notification of benefit changes.

Qualified Medical Child Support Order ("QMCSO")

Along with the final divorce decree, a qualified medical child support order may be entered requiring a parent's employer-sponsored health plans to cover children of the marriage. The child is the alternate recipient of the health care benefits under the QMCSO. More information can be found in the U.S. Department of Labor's guide to QMCSOs at

TIP: Plans that do not provide dependent health care coverage do not have to comply with the QMCSO.

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