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Name Change

A spouse, almost always the wife, has the right to have her name changed back to the one she used prior to the marriage. The name change is ordered in the final divorce decree and is accomplished by filing a name change certificate or other documents with the court clerk. The fact that any children of the marriage and their mother will have different last names is not a basis for opposing a name change.

My husband wanted the divorce and now has requested that the court change my name back to my maiden name. Can my name be changed over my objection?

No. The court does not have the authority to change your name on your husband's, or anyone else's, request. Only you can request the name change.

If I change my name, am I still liable for the debts I incurred under my married name?

Yes, your name change does not extinguish any money you owe. Your liabilities follow you, even with a different name.

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